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neenee101 in americorps_nccc

How hard is it to get accepted?

I'm thinking of applying for the NCCC fall program for after I graduate high school, but I was wondering how difficult it is to get accepted. I know that acceptance depends on the number of applicants but does anyone know what the average acceptance rate is? I'll be 18 by the time the program starts and I have a good academic record, lots of prior community service, public speaking and work experience and I speak very good spanish and basic french. Can anyone give me advice on how to improve my application? Or do they mostly accept based on the interview?
Thanks :)


I wouldn't say it's 'hard' to get accepted, but there is definitely a lot of interest in AmeriCorps*NCCC. The best advice I can give you is to look into other programs as well. (Such as City Year---http://www.cityyear.org) in addition to applying for NCCC. I've done both and both are equally amazing!
It's way harder to get in to be honest. I always tell people to join City Year--easier to get in and it's a better choice for some people. :]
A lot, I think, depends on your enthusiasm and persistence in remaining in contact. I got in two days after I called up and basically said - "Listen, I just got offered a full-time job making $14 an hour. I want to do this way more, but I can't turn this down and I need to give them an answer soon."

But yeah, City Year is supposed to be great as well as the various State/National and other positions you can get through AmeriCorps. NCCC is unique and was definitely my top choice, but the others are worthwhile as well.

August 2012

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