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Why so slow, AmeriCorps NCCC Livejournal Community?

 I created this account just to ponder why the board has been so slow. I enjoy reading people's discussions on here. I /really/ enjoyed reading past discussions of people from XV being all nervous together. I kind of want that while I'm in applying for AmeriCorps! I think a reason for the decline is due to facebook's page, but since I deactivated my facebook this month, I can't really participate.

Anyway, I have applied to Winter 2011 for NCCC. I'm Alex Felt. Anybody else down to revive this community's inactivity? :)


Let's do it! I would love to help revive it. I just applied for Winter 2011, too!! I'm Caity.

I still have a facebook and the group and page are kind of... slow, as well. Not as bad as this, but still rather slow. It's kind of sad.
Yes! I'm super glad someone responded. Hey Caity! Where are you from and where are you hoping to get sent to? I am almost positive the three campuses available are PerryPoint, Maryland; Vinton, Iowa; and Vicksburg, Mississippi. I think my #1 is Maryland, then Mississippi, then Iowa. Yeah I participated a bit on the FB board and it was kind of slow, and sometimes I go back into my account just to check on AmeriCorps, but I have so much more free time away from facebook that I want to stay away. Although, I probably will reactivate my account if/when I get accepted so that I can actively participate in the groups specifically for campus'. Agh I just can't stop reading blogs and all the comments here and everything! I need to have a group of people to chat with.
Do you know anyone who is applying in real life? I know 4 people who plan on it, but only 1 person has finished their application so far, and it was because I made them (Californian laid back slackers!). 2 of them are applying to be TLs. 1 of them is a returner.

Basically, I'm just dyyying for news to speed up. Also, I have a blog I'm starting on blogspot to document all my AmeriCorps related activity:

Okay, I'll leave this at that, because this is toooo long.

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