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alexfelt in americorps_nccc

Why so slow, AmeriCorps NCCC Livejournal Community?

 I created this account just to ponder why the board has been so slow. I enjoy reading people's discussions on here. I /really/ enjoyed reading past discussions of people from XV being all nervous together. I kind of want that while I'm in applying for AmeriCorps! I think a reason for the decline is due to facebook's page, but since I deactivated my facebook this month, I can't really participate.

Anyway, I have applied to Winter 2011 for NCCC. I'm Alex Felt. Anybody else down to revive this community's inactivity? :)


I think Livejournal in general has dwindled in popularity. By my senior year of college for instance, my college's community was totally inactive, and right before my Freshman year, it was buzzing with people.

But I personally like the relative anonymity of lj. I didn't join the Facebook group for my class before I got there--I wanted to wait to meet everyone in real life!

I don't have much else to say on here, but I'm willing to answer questions.
I think that's definitely true. It's just a shame to see because I really like how the community here seemed back just 2 years ago. I'd like to revive some of that spirit for some Winter 2011ers that I can have the camaraderie with.

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