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hello all, I'm January, graduated from college about 2 years ago with a B. A. in Anthropology. I have about 7 years of work experience. I have done some youth-mentoring for the community.

I applied to a few Americorps programs about a month ago. I have yet to hear from any of them and upon looking at the status, a few of them were no longer accepting applications. Am I just being impatient, or does it take a while before I will hear back?

Another issue is that I'm from California and I have applied to all New York based programs. Does that make a big difference in being accepted?

Thanks you in advance for anyone that can help me out!


What AmeriCorps programs have you applied to? I'm not familiar enough with the others, just NCCC. It might take a while to hear back, I'd call and check on the status.


write them an email saying you're interested in their program. let them know you want to move to ny. the email gives them a reason to look at your app again, and gives you a chance to get an idea of whether they're taking on people or not


Dont worry too much if its only been a couple months...I was part of the 2005 NCCC class and remember the logistics of everything taking a long time. Don't forget that this is the government you are dealing with, it can take a little while. Just keep on calling and checking up...im sure everything will be fine. Good Luck...it is the experience of a life time..

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