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brit251 in americorps_nccc

Some questions about NCCC

Initially I applied to several Vista programs, but after reading more about NCCC, I think I'd like it more than Vista. I have some questions about the application process and the day to day existence of NCCC volunteers.

1.Are we required to submit any transcripts in addition to the application? Are there any other documents that applicants need to submit?

2. How much is the stipend?

3. Are we allowed to volunteer outside of NCCC while we're active.

4. Did any volunteers have trouble getting home for the holidays.



For an NCCC Corps Member application nothing is required past the online application and subsequent interview. I haven't ever applied for a VISTA position, but it can't be more involved--I imagine.
I think my net pay bi-weekly was about $167. That is with a standard deduction of an independent individual and no state income tax withheld, so I imagine most people would see a similar post-tax amount.
It is pretty hard to set anything up that is particularly regular with the constant moving around that comes part and parcel with the NCCC experience, but the previously mentioned ISP hours are encouraged and they would like you to go over the 80 minimum required hours. You can do whatever you want in your free time as long as it doesn't violate the law or the outside commitment clause, so you can also just volunteer and not have them count as ISP hours. I used to that in New Orleans because then I didn't have to wear my official gear or deal with any of the other Americorps*NCCC rules for ISP's.
As far as trouble getting home, it is just like college. Getting to an airport or bus stop or train is pretty simple, but paying for the use of those things is entirely on you. There are people who can't afford to go home for holidays or choose not to go, so if you can't afford a fare home you won't be stuck alone and fending for yourself for any particular holiday.

August 2012

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