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alexfelt in americorps_nccc

Why so slow, AmeriCorps NCCC Livejournal Community?

 I created this account just to ponder why the board has been so slow. I enjoy reading people's discussions on here. I /really/ enjoyed reading past discussions of people from XV being all nervous together. I kind of want that while I'm in applying for AmeriCorps! I think a reason for the decline is due to facebook's page, but since I deactivated my facebook this month, I can't really participate.

Anyway, I have applied to Winter 2011 for NCCC. I'm Alex Felt. Anybody else down to revive this community's inactivity? :)



Same situation

I have the exact same situation. i applied for NCCC Winter 2011 and have been waitlisted and i'm now just waiting for the packet to arrive. any idea how long that should take? because i got the email 5 days ago and the packet still hasn't arrived.... sort of worried haha

Re: Same situation

The waitlist packet that includes your finger printing and medical card? It took me a couple weeks, I think.
And if you've already turned that in and have had your stuff check out, then... Well, unfortunately we're playing the waiting game until probably a month or two or even possibly three months from now. No one has been accepted yet, and being waitlisted means you have been qualified for everything else from the application process and your chances are just as likely as anyone elses. It can take up to 6 weeks to get anything in the mail that you are expecting from them, but things are generally received within 3 weeks.

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