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alexfelt in americorps_nccc

Why so slow, AmeriCorps NCCC Livejournal Community?

 I created this account just to ponder why the board has been so slow. I enjoy reading people's discussions on here. I /really/ enjoyed reading past discussions of people from XV being all nervous together. I kind of want that while I'm in applying for AmeriCorps! I think a reason for the decline is due to facebook's page, but since I deactivated my facebook this month, I can't really participate.

Anyway, I have applied to Winter 2011 for NCCC. I'm Alex Felt. Anybody else down to revive this community's inactivity? :)


who else is in?

hey guys. i found out a little while ago that i was accepted to the maryland group, i only thought of now, looking for other fellow team mates and members. i deactivated my facebook a while ago, so i was glad to find this LJ group. it looks pretty dead since the summer, but i hope we can reboot it. ............so how about it? who else is in? and where are you stationed?

Re: who else is in?

I'm also going to Maryland! You should reconsider getting back onto facebook if you want to communicate more with team members. There's 9 others who are on facebook and involved in a group there where we talk about our upcoming year. So far there's been few others accepted-- only one round has happened. But you should consider going back to communicate, especially if any questions arise.

But yeah! I don't think that this board will be very busy in the next few months, unfortunately.

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