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sherlock/dear buddha

1joyce1 in americorps_nccc

What happened to all the activity?

I guess most people posting in the years past have finished their NCCC terms and have few reasons to continue posting here, but are there no more LJ people applying or considering applying, like me? I loved reading through all of the old posts - they're exceptionally helpful. But I have questions of my own, and this community is the best place for advice. I would love to see it more active again.


I just finished my first term with NCCC and start my TL year in three weeks! I'm happy to answer any questions you might have!
Thanks! I've mostly been wondering about the whole random selection thing after getting waitlisted. Do you know many cases of a qualified person just getting passed up because the algorithm happened to not choose them? I know that there have been people who haven't made the term they applied for but they then get into the following term automatically. I was wondering because I intend to apply for the Fall 2013 term, but I won't be able to do the winter term if I get passed up.
I haven't heard of that happening too often - I think once you get wait listed there is a very good chance you'll get placed, especially if you are going for fall term. The fall campuses (Denver and Sacramento) are the two largest campuses, plus sometime Mississippi is included in that term as well. I wouldnt worry about the random selection thing, or let that process influence your decision to apply.

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Ah, well that's good. Thank you for the help!
Another question! Sorry, you're basically the only person I know who I can ask about stuff right now. I know housing is provided, whether a house or a campsite, and you get some money every week as well. Are all meals already provided as well, and, if so, what do you really end up spending the money you get on, besides little extra things? I hear that some people have trouble balancing things financially while participating in NCCC, but I don't really understand why, unless they have to pay for all their meals...?
Money wasn't ever a problem (for the majority of us). Housing is provided, as well as travel and food. The team gets a food stipend that you decide as a group how to spend (meal planning, cooking, eating out, etc.). The living stipend that you receive individually (bi-monthly, so every other thursday) is $163. I saved over $1000 my year with NCCC because really, the only things I ever had to purchase were:

- booze
- eating out once in a while
- clothing/shampoo/soap
- more booze

And no worries, I'm happy to answer any questions!


Sorry that this thread has sort of become my own personal place to ask questions, but the application just opened today and I already have a few. :/ Under previous employment, an email address for your supervisor has to be provided. Now, I know I could just call and ask for one, but I didn't have the most amicable relationship with this supervisor. Would it look terrible if I just instead said that I have no other work experience? I'm still in high school, if that helps. If it's necessary, I'll get that email address, I just really would rather not.
oops - forgot to log in. That was, obviously, me.
Honestly, I would still list the work experience. It's important to show that you've done something. In the space where they ask for an email address, you could type something like "noemail@no.com" to signify that they person "doesn't have one".

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