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This community is for people that are either waiting to be accepted to Americorps*NCCC or people that are currently taking part in the Americorps*NCCC program. You can post how you are feeling about the program, post pictures of trips or things that you did while serving in the Americorps program. You can even be here just to give advice to those who are just joining and enlighten us with your knowledge. Thank you

The NCCC is a 10-month residential service program for men and women ages 18-24. It takes its inspiration from the Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps, which put millions of young people to work restoring our natural environment. Americorps*NCCC retains this focus on the environment, but recognizes that our nation's challenges today are more diverse. NCCC members work in teams on a variety of projects -- building trails, restoring streams and parks, building low-income housing, tutoring children, and providing disaster relief. Members live together on closed military bases and are often sent on 'spikes' to other parts of the country to work on special projects.

If you have any specific questions, the following members of this community have already been through Americorps and are willing to answer your questions.

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